Applications Software Engineer (Contract)

HeliTrak Inc., Gig Harbor, WA

HeliTrak, Inc. is a unique, entrepreneurial company that develops and manufactures avionic safety and navigation equipment. We are seeking an experienced Applications Software Engineer for our Tacoma Narrows Airport location in Gig Harbor, WA to play a key role in developing and certifying our industry game changing products. This is a full time, 6-9-month Software Engineering contract position.

We are looking for a smart, enthusiastic, and skillful engineer with a strong background in networked avionics instrumentation software, expressed as Web applications. A background in avionics maintenance interfaces, real-time medical data monitoring, and control systems applications is also applicable.

You will be surrounded by people that are smart, passionate about helicopter avionics hardware and software, and on a mission to certify a World Class products. As a developer on the team, you’ll develop code end-to-end from design, to development, to deployment, of full-stack web client and server for avionics real-time instrumentation and command.


  • Develop software solutions for avionics interface applications
  • Responsible for writing production level code
  • Responsible for clean modern UI design
  • Application will interface with embedded system to enable calibration, maintenance, and data collection


  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent work experience
  • Computer Science fundamentals in data structures, algorithm design and problem solving
  • Experience with web technologies (e.g. HTML, HTTP, CSS, JavaScript, …) and modern web frameworks such as React, Angular or Flask, others are acceptable as well.
  • Experience with web servers (e.g. Nginx, Lighttpd, Monkey HTTP Daemon, etc.)
  • Experience with SQL
  • Experience with aviation maintenance applications development, including embedded systems interfaces, is desirable.
  • Experience with concurrency topics (i.e. asynchronous programming) is required.
  • Self-driven, results oriented developer who strives to write clean, modular, well commented code.
  • Comprehensive understanding of data structures and algorithm topics.
  • Applied mathematics understanding of geometry, trigonometry, and matrices is a plus.
  • Willingness to work on a team and can work in a fluid, highly collaborative environment.
  • Candidate must demonstrate a passion for writing software and building stuff.

System Overview:

  • Avionics system Interfaces (hardware interface provided)
    • Maintenance API
      • Calibration
      • Serviceability
      • Data recording and download
      • Field Programming
    • Telemetry Data including air vehicle states and status flags
  • External Maintenance Appliance (self-contained processor, interfaces, WiFi, battery)
    • Users would provide their own hardware and web browser
      • HeliTrak Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Dealers, Customers
    • Data Collection
    • Web Server - cross browser compatible
      • Serves UI for Avionics System Access
      • Manage Multiple Users
      • Manage Multiple Aircraft
    • Display run-time telemetry data
      • Strip Charts
      • Aircraft State
    • Maintenance Operations
      • Calibration
      • Diagnostics
      • Manufacturing Acceptance Tests
      • Memory Access

HeliTrak, Inc., offers a unique opportunity to create aviation life safety products from concept to commercialization; freedom to innovate in a wide array of disciplines (wear a lot of hats), work with a really nice group of smart people, and have your dog work alongside you. In addition, HeliTrak provides a great work atmosphere steps from the runway, open work environment, a traffic free commute, in a beautiful Washington location.

If interested, please e-mail your resume to Learn more about HeliTrak at

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