HeliTrak Autopilot

Advanced Safety Device that reduces pilot workload for the Robinson R44

The HeliTrak R44 Autopilot is a full-featured flight guidance control system that reduces pilot workload. The autopilot also contains advanced safety features for speed envelope protection, full-time Low-G detection and warning, and the ability to recover the aircraft from unusual attitudes.


How it Works

We are currently completing the final development and obtaining FAA approval for the R44 autopilot. The initial product will provide 2-axis capability for basic flight guidance functions and control of the helicopter. The flexible high-integrity design, all Level A software architecture, built-in ADAHRS, and triple-redundant hardware architecture supports upgrades to 3-axis, and 4-axis capability.

All controls are thumb-operated buttons mounted conveniently on the cyclic grip and the panel-mounted LED display provides continuous status information. The unit is completely self-contained with all of the sensors built into the system. No external GPS, gyros, ADAHRS, or glass panel are required to get it up and running.


Engineered for Ease and Safety

We know that you can’t afford to give up any space in the cockpit. That’s why we designed the main processor and actuators to tuck neatly under the pilot seat. Our goals are to create a R44 autopilot that is easy to use, feature rich, lightweight, improves safety, and uses the latest technological innovations—all at an economical price.

  • Engage/disengage and mode selection of autopilot with hands-on-cyclic button controls makes operations convenient, and helps prevent loss of control during inadvertent IMC
  • No other components to purchase–no GPS, gyros, ADAHRS, or glass panel
  • Full-time Low-G detection and alerts help prevent mast bumping
  • Unusual Attitude Recovery protects against disorientation
  • Pilot can override while engaged and resume autopilot control when released
  • Reduces pilot workload and fatigue, allowing pilot to open maps, adjust instruments, etc.
  • Low cost due to simple installation—typically 20 hrs.

Features at a Glance


  • Two-axis system, growth to 3-axis and 4-axis capability.
  • Focus on high-integrity architecture. Certified to the highest FAA safety standards using Level A Design Assurance.
  • Complete system under 10lbs.
  • Fully self-contained. No other equipment required for installation.

Keeping it simple! Basic Mode Control for the R44:

  • Engage/Disengage
  • Heading Hold
    • Discrete heading changes, Standard Rate Turns, and roll control commands.
  • Altitude Hold
    • Altitude changes with Climb/Descend commands.
  • Airspeed Hold
    • Airspeed changes with Acceleration/Deceleration commands.

Enhanced Safety Features

  • Speed envelope protection in Altitude and Airspeed modes.
  • Unusual Attitude Recover (UAR) while engaged.
  • Low-G Detection and Alert

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HeliTrak Autopilot Details

Total System Weight
Less than 10 lb
Main Processor Dimensions
14" L x 13" W x 3" H
Qualification Testing
RTCA/DO-160G Environmental Specifications
Supplemental Type Certificate (pending)
All hardware & software certified to Design Assurance Level A
14V and 28V Systems Available
U.S. Patents
7,954,614 I 8,172,057 I 8,393,454 I 8,766,752 I 9,150,3089,267,575 I 9,309,004 I 9,415,862 I 9,586,681 I 9,650,125
Chinese Patent
Additional patents pending in the U.S., Europe, China and other jurisdictions around the world.

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